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Panther Tracks June, 2008


The gang gathered in April for the 54th for the ‘54's and it was a great event which all enthusiastically endorsed continuing. It appears that the preference was for semi-annual gatherings and we were split over lunch and dinner. Maybe we should consider dinner once a year in the Spring and a lunch in the Fall.

For those who missed the 54th, we suggest exploring our updated information on our web site, with a special eye to a new feature: “Gone but not Forgotten.” If anyone has any particulars (i.e. date of death, a newspaper obituary, family of deceased, etc.) not recorded on our page, regarding a classmate who has passed away, please share with us so that we can have a permanent reference place for others to access for information.

I was enormously proud to read about Plant High in the paper yesterday. Our dear alma mater is listed as the 70th ranked “best” high school in the country! For those of us who still live in Tampa, this comes as no great surprise, but for those of you who are far away, I would imagine this might be hard to believe. With all the population growth and demographic trends, most schools built in the 1930's have fallen on hard times. PHS has maintained its position as a leader in academics and athletics, in spite of its relatively small enrollment and physical plant, in no small part because the Palma Ceia neighborhood has held on to its character. Certainly, we know that unless you are fortunate enough to live within the attendance borders, you probably can’t go there. Plant is still a very popular school!

Personally, I want to tell you how proud I am of what has been accomplished with the establishment of this web site! Other PHS classes are trying to do similar things and we are sharing idea and suggestions; we all acknowledge the internet for opening the door for us. This website offers a convenient and positive opportunity to stay in touch with and informed about our classmates. We are forever bound by the bonds of our high school years during that wonderful time and at that wonderful school...a time and place to which we can now always return.


To view pictures from our 54th Reunion Dinner, April 12, 2008 at Valencia Gardens, Tampa, FL click here



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