H. B. Plant High School Class of 1954


1954 name: Bonnie Lee Baldwin
2004 name: Bonnie L. Powell
2004 Reunion update

Upon graduation I headed in the fall to Montclair, NJ, where I attended Katharine Gibbs Secretarial School for one year. I then found myself in New York City working in the Chrysler Building for Texaco Development Corporation the next two years. I migrated back to Tampa in 1957, worked for Anaconda Wire & Cable and then moved on to McBee Corp. as an Installation Supervisor for data systems until 1964.

I married in 1962 and have one son who lives with his family in New Hampshire. I have been blessed with two grandchildren, Melanie who is 10 and Danny who is 9. I lost my fishing partner and best friend of 38-1/2 years in 2000.

My husband introduced me to the world of fishing, which has led to travels far and wide, and still does. I joined IWFA (International Women’s Fishing Assoc.) in 1983, served on the Board for 17 years, one term as President. As a member of IWFA I have fished tournaments in Venezuela; Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; Cancun, Mexico; and various places in Florida. For the last 21 years I have been the voice of the radio at the Stuart Light Tackle Sailfish Tournament in Stuart, FL, Masters Invitational Angling Tournament in Cancun, Mexico for 11 years, Gold Cup Tournament in Palm Beach, FL for 10 years and Reef Cup at Ocean Reef, Key Largo, FL for 10 years. The exposure at these tournaments landed me the ultimate position in 1995 as Executive Secretary for International Light Tackle Tournament Association, which was started in 1945. There is one tournament a year at a different venue, some of which have been Acapulco, Mexico; Cancun, Mexico; Costa Rica; Dominican Republic; Guatemala; Kenya, East Africa; Puerto Rico; and Venezuela. As a result of the exposure to these tournaments, I have made many lasting friends the world over and enjoyed many great experiences.

My life has been good and can only get better.




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