H. B. Plant High School Class of 1954


1954 name: Carolyn Davis and Tom Turpin
2004 name: Carolyn Davis Turpin and Tom Turpin
2004 Reunion update

  • Married 18 June 1960 at First Presbyterian Church, Tampa.
  • Both graduated from FSU in 1958.
  • Three sons, two grandchildren.

Carolyn - After graduation, Carolyn joined the faculty at Chamberlain High School and taught business courses there until she and Tom got married, then transferred to the school system in Newport, RI where Tom was stationed with the Navy. With the arrival of their first child in 1962, she then began a lengthy career as mom and homemaker, ultimately for two more children and at least 13 different residences as the Navy made sure that she and Tom never stayed in one duty station for more than three years at a time. For sanity breaks, she often joined Tom during overseas deployments. As the boys grew older, Carolyn resumed teaching, gradually changing to office management and administration as a career field. She retired in 2001 as executive assistant to a commercial real estate developer in the Dulles Corridor outside Washington, DC.

Tom – With the draft board hot on his trail after graduation, Tom went to Navy Officer Candidate School and was commissioned as an ensign in 1959. He served in the Navy for 27 years, retiring in 1986 with the rank of captain (0-6). He served three tours in Viet Nam, participating in Navy operations in the Tonkin Gulf and the Mekong Delta. He attended the US Naval War College in 1970 and commanded three warships including a cruiser, USS Dale (CG-19). He became a subspecialist in systems acquisition, which placed him in the Pentagon and Navy activities in the Washington DC area for most of the latter years of his service. When he retired from the Navy, he was Chief of Staff for the Aegis Combatant Shipbuilding Program Office in the Naval Sea Systems Command.

After retirement from the Navy, Tom was employed by several engineering management support firms in the DC metropolitan area and became Vice President, Federal Services Division, Advanced Systems Technology, Inc., Arlington, Virginia. He retired for good in 2002, about one microsecond after turning 65.


After years of frequent moves and lots of travel around the country and overseas, Tom and Carolyn now live in their retirement home at Lake Meade in south-central Pennsylvania, near Gettysburg. This location is close (but not too close) to the grandchildren, who live in northern Virginia. They’ve become snowbirds, spending as much of the winter as possible in Florida. Their oldest son lives in Ft. Lauderdale and Tom’s sister Linda, and Carolyn’s brother Captain Bob Davis, USN (Ret.), still live in the Tampa Bay area, so links to Tampa and Florida remain strong and permanent.




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