H. B. Plant High School Class of 1954


1954 name: Julie Ansley
2004 name: Julie Ansley Flagg
2004 Reunion update

A funny thing happened on my way to the 50th reunion… or all the world is a stage and I keep falling off

Act 1
Married my high school sweetheart, a brand new 20 year old second lieutenant and moved to Harlingen Texas, then to Texas Tech (Lubbock Texas) with one toddler – left Lubbock with 3 children, (one three weeks old), for a tour at Hill APB Utah. Then it was Tampa for about 13 months while hubby was in Vietnam, then to the Pentagon (living in Woodbridge VA.) Became proficient in sledding down the hill and then picking the thorns etc. from my fanny after the wipeouts.

Act 2
After a stint in Albuquerque NM, we transferred to Southern California. Did a little heartbreak, and lots of real estate sales because I discovered poverty sucks and teenagers eat a lot! Took many wonderful trips including Hong Kong and Europe thanks to generous sales awards from my company. Was blessed with 2 brilliant and gorgeous grandchildren, (how unique). Did a lot of single life, “interviews” they call it. Yuck!

One evening a silver-haired interviewee with a sense of humor showed up at my door in a French Chef’s outfit with an adorable French accent, a bottle of good wine and the fixings for Duck l’orange…
And he could dance as well. What more could a girl want? We have been married 7 ½ years now.

Act 3
We retired 6 months ago and moved to Northern California. Out latest grand baby was born in this home just before we came here. Robert’s son delivered his first child all the while getting instructions over the cell phone from the midwife who was on the way… but too late for the grand event.

We are taking further dancing lessons, and flying to places of interest in our magic carpet with my “French Chef” as Pilot.

Julie Ansley Flagg


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